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Flipped (2001) is a young adult novel by Wendelin Van Draanen set in the early 2000s



Flipped is a stand-alone teen romance in a he-said she-said style with the two protagonists alternately presenting their perspective on a shared set of events.

In the beginning, Julianna falls hard for Bryce. Naturally, being 5'4", Bryce has no interest. However, as the novel progresses, both children grow up and their emotions never change.


Film adaptation

Unlike the book, the movie is taken place in the 1960's.

Callan McAuliffe plays Bryce, while Madeline Carroll stars as Juli. Aidan Quinn and Penelope Ann Miller are Juli's parents; Kevin Weisman essays the role of Juli's mentally disabled Uncle, while Shane Harper and Michael Bolten play her two brothers. Anthony Edwards and Rebecca De Mornay play Bryce's parents, and John Mahoney takes role of his grandfather, Chet.

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Flipped (2010) - Open-ended Trailer for this coming of age romantic comedy02:30

Flipped (2010) - Open-ended Trailer for this coming of age romantic comedy

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